Switching from tobacco to a smokeless cigarette can be a lot like losing your virginity. Or so suggests a new commercial for Njoy Electronic Cigarettes, which uses Foreigner's classic, 'Feels Like the First Time.'

As a handsome, stubbly man puffs away, the narrator asks, "You know what the most amazing thing about this cigarette is?" Then, Lou Gramm's powerful voice belts out the song's chorus. "It isn't one," the narrator continues. Electronic cigarettes do not use tobacco, but rather a mixture of compounds that supposedly give the feel and taste of traditional cigarettes.

The strangest thing about the commercial is seeing somebody smoking and it's not an episode of 'Mad Men.' It's similar to when non-alcoholic beer first arrived on the scene, with ads that featured people actually drinking instead of pouring or holding the beverage. Tobacco cigarette advertisements have been banned from the airwaves since 1971.

Released in 1977, 'Feels Like the First Time' was Foreigner's debut single. It reached No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, the first of the nine Top Ten singles they would have between 1977 and 1988.

Watch the Njoy Electronic Cigarettes Ad Featuring Foreigner's 'Feels Like the First Time'