Nikki Sixx, bassist for Motley Crue, shared the heartache he's been living with in recent month as he watches his grandfather slowly die from prostate cancer. He revealed that doctors gave the man he calls his "role model and biggest fan" three to six months to live, four months ago.

"Watching him change daily breaks my heart as he is slowly breaking down," Sixx wrote in an open letter to fans and followers of his page on Facebook. "This prostate cancer is a ticking time bomb and our hearts are breaking in slow motion. The reality of it all is kicking in for my whole family."

"The water run's (sic) deep between us so the blade of the knife also hits the bone...Love is a two edged swords (sic)…So we learn with death at our footsteps…"

The mourning bassist says finally shared with fans on Facebook and Twitter as a form of therapy. "I cant run to a bottle or a bindle of powder so i talk about it and as it happens, usually write music about it," he says before asking for stories from others.

In just nine hours over 5,300 people have commented with words of support or stories of their own.