Last week, Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx was moved by the power of music in a whole new way. Chloe McCarty, a 12-year-old fan from Blaine, Minn., who battles a mental disorder called trichotillomania, created a three-minute YouTube video as her way of "blowing off steam."

The clip, which features the song 'Skin' from his band Sixx: A.M., shows her holding up hand-written messages addressing the condition that caused her to pull out her hair and be bullied at school. Despite the seriousness of her affliction, the sweet innocence of the young girl shone through as she clarified that the video message was supposed to be a "happy video."

Once the video was posted online, it spread like a wildfire, quickly racking up 37,000 views, including some by Sixx's bandmates, who passed the link along to the famed rocker. The video moved Sixx, who knows what its like to battle something that is out of your control, as he struggled to overcome an addiction to heroin and other intense challenges throughout his high-profile life and career.

Sixx tweeted the video link to his 236,000 followers and praised the young girl for her inspiration and strength that she has given others through the moving video. "Chloe, I wanna meet you," he tweeted. "You are a role model ... Your strength will give others hope .. THANK YOU."

The video also struck plenty of chords with McCarty's classmates, who began to publicly apologize to the girl for making up rumors as to why she was bald.

Sixx arranged for a conference call with his bandmates and McCarty on Friday (Dec. 9) to thank her personally. "They were thanking me -- but I was thanking them the whole time," McCarty tells the Boston Herald. "I mean, it was their song."

"[It’s] just amazing that people of that celebrity stature have such a level of kindness," the young girl's aunt, April Hanson, adds.

McCarty created a second video as a thank you to the many people who responded and who were moved by her initial video, which can be seen below.

Watch the Moving Video Created by Chloe McCarty

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