There's still one agonizing week left before the Sept. 30 release date of the new Mr. Big album, ' ... The Stories We Could Tell.' But to help the time pass a little quicker, we've got the exclusive premiere of a hard-hitting new track named 'I Forget to Breathe' for you.

As you'd expect after 25 years and eight albums, 'I Forget to Breathe' is an excellent showcase for both the individual virtuosity and collective chemistry of singer Eric Martin, drummer Pat Torpey, bassist Billy Sheehan and guitarist Paul Gilbert.

But the lyrics also offer a timely reminder to stop and smell the roses once in a while. "This is a song about the sheer amazement one feels in the face of something bigger than them," Martin explains. "We all strive to be greater than we are, and in the face of it we forget to breathe in it's awesomeness."

Well put. We've already had the chance to breathe in two other pieces of audio awesomeness from the new album -- opening track 'Gotta Love This Ride' and 'The Monster in Me.' There's still time to pre-order ' ... The Stories We Could Tell' via Amazon, and you can always get full details on Mr. Big's touring and other activities via their official website.

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