The members of Mr. Big are offering fans a peek behind the scenes of their upcoming Defying Gravity LP with a few minutes of footage describing the recording of the new song "Forever and Back."

In the clip, which you can watch above, bassist Billy Sheehan looks back on the origins of the song, which have their roots with a Swedish singer-songwriter named Alina Devecerski. "She just has this automatic thing where you play some chords and she sings," says Sheehan. "And bam! There's a song. Like, holy cow." Even the language barrier helped, in his eyes — as he argues in the "Forever and Back" segment, there's something about the way Swedish songwriters approach the English language that just makes it work.

As previously reported, Defying Gravity is due July 21 and found the band reuniting with producer Kevin Elson, who was behind the boards for their first three albums. As Sheehan told Ultimate Classic Rock's Matt Wardlaw, the band carved out enough room in the individual members' busy schedules to record the album live in the studio, which he feels makes a huge difference in the way the end product sounds.

"There’s a depth and a tangible thing that it adds that I don’t think you can get by just piecing things together," said Sheehan. "I’ve done it both ways many times. There’s nothing like being in a room together where you can hear the other guys and you instantly respond to what you’re hearing and adjust your playing accordingly. You can’t necessarily do that if you’re not all in real time in the same room."

Defying Gravity is available to pre-order now. Take a look at the complete track listing, listen to "Forever and Back" and watch the trailer for the album below.

Mr. Big, 'Defying Gravity' Track Listing
"Open Your Eyes"
"Defying Gravity"
"Everybody Needs a Little Trouble"
"Damn I'm In Love Again"
"Mean to Me"
"Nothing Bad (About Feeling Good)"
"Forever and Back"
"She's All Coming Back to Me Now"
"Nothing At All"
"Be Kind"

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