You've seen our picks for Top 10 Motorhead Songs, capped by the ageless 1980 classic "Ace of Spades." (And if you didn't, they're right here.) So, how did we do? Think "Killed By Death" finished too low? Should "Dancing on Your Grave" be ranked so highly?

Compiling this sort of thing isn't as easy as you might think, considering that the late Lemmy Kilmister – who died in 2015 after struggling with years of various health issues - led the band through more than 20 studio albums. That's some 250 original songs, from tough early offerings like "Motorhead" and "Bomber" to more recent favorites like "Orgasmatron" and "I'm So Bad."

After much discussion, we made our choices, in a list that also includes "Iron Fist," "(We Are) The Road Crew" and "Overkill." Now's your chance to have a say. Ultimate Classic Rock readers can help create a fan-generated Top 10 list featuring Kilmister's best tracks using the widget below. Just drag and drop the titles to the spot where you think they should have finished instead.

We'll compile all of the votes to complete a crowd-sourced version of this list of Top 10 Motorhead Songs, based entirely on your preferences, which will be published on Tuesday, March 8.

What’s your pick for #1? To rank the full list, visit us on your desktop computer.

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