If you're the drummer in a Ramones tribute band, watch out -- this robot's coming for your job. Check out this four-armed, mohawked machine as it sets the pace on the band's 1976 anthem 'Blitzkreig Bop.'

We appreciate our friends at TheFW sending this our way, for sure. But, you know, with Curiosity the Rover tweeting and YouTubing all sorts of cool stuff from way over on Mars, it's hard for us to get all that impressed.

Why is it that our technology is so vast that we can video chat with people all around the world, pinpoint exact locations and targets for missiles but we can't build a robot with FOUR arms doing something that a guy did even better with two?

Not that we could build this ourselves, but come on, if you're not gonna improve on Tommy Ramone, why bother? Oh, also, you need to turn the volume way up.

(OK, we'll admit it -- maybe we're still mad about getting kicked out of science class in 10th grade.)

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