Mick Taylor may have reunited with the Rolling Stones for some dates on their 50 and Counting tour, but that doesn't mean everything is rosy between the guitarist and his former bandmates.

Taylor recently took to social media to air his latest grievances with the band, which stem from the guest list at the opening for the band's new "Exhibitionism" memorabilia display at the Saatchi Gallery in London — specifically, the fact that he wasn't initially included.

"It appears they are using my name and likeness for another multi-million-dollar-making exercise," Taylor wrote on April 3. "I can't help wondering why nobody has invited me to the opening at Saatchi Gallery?"

To his credit, Taylor personally engaged in a fair amount of back-and-forth with the fans who responded, many of whom accused Taylor of publicly indulging in sour grapes. Unfortunately, even after one fan reached out to the gallery — and secured an invitation for Taylor — it still turned out to be what he referred to as "a case of too little, too late."

"I'm afraid they're playing PR games," explained Taylor. "In response to an email to the gallery my office received a reply at the eleventh hour (after a lot of people complained on social media) that they would let me have two tickets. Which need to be collected before 15:00 tomorrow. I don't live in England. And nobody with any authority has contacted me."

The whole experience left Taylor undeniably bitter — not only about the Saatchi guest list, but about how he sees his treatment by the other members of the Stones over the last several decades. "I’m part of the Stones’ history and legacy, which is what this retrospective exhibition is about," he argued. "The band’s best work – in the studio and on stage – was done while I was involved."

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