There's been some bad news out of Germany. Thieves broke into Kidroom Studios in Greven, making off with four guitars belonging to Michael Schenker and the computers that contained his next album with Temple of Rock, 'Spirit on a Mission.'

The robbery happened at some point between Friday evening and Sunday morning, as singer Doogie White tells Classic Rock Magazine, "I only got home on Friday after laying down the vocals, and Herman Rarebell just arrived to track the drums. The thieves broke in through skylights and stole a bunch of guitars, and also the computers containing the tracks. Then we found they’d also taken the backups."

One of Schenker's guitars that was stolen is a chrome Dean V, one of only three in existence. And between the police investigation and fans spreading the word, White seems optimistic that the criminals will not get far with it. "Any reputable dealer will know they’re stolen," he continues. "No fan will buy them – they’re more likely to knock the seller out and hand them back. And casual players won’t want them. A Dean V ain’t for doodling on in front of the TV.”

As for the recording, he says they may have rough mixes saved somewhere, but they're unsure right now.

White adds that Schenker is being "very matter-of-fact about it all. We agree there’s not much we can do, other than knuckle down and get on with what needs to be done. We’ll refocus, regroup and have a fresh plan in a day or two.”

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