If you really love rock books but don't enjoy all that, y'know, reading, good news: The next entry in Voyageur Press' 'Complete Illustrated History' series is on its way.

BraveWords contributor Martin Popoff has compiled 'Metallica: The Complete Illustrated History,' offering what the publisher promises will be "the authoritative tribute to one of history’s most successful and admired heavy metal bands." That's high praise for a relatively slender volume -- the book weighs in at 192 pages -- but Voyageur assures readers that Popoff and his cohorts covered all their bases.

Rounding up work from "a roster of respected heavy metal writers," the book offers analysis and commentary on each of Metallica's studio albums (including 'Lulu,' their collaboration with Lou Reed) as well as more than 300 images to help tell the story of "their formative years spent woodshedding in the clubs of Los Angeles, tragedies like the death of founding bassist Cliff Burton, the triumphs of multiple platinum recordings, personnel changes like the departures of Dave Mustaine and Jason Newsted, and tours covering the world over."

The book's structure will be familiar to fans of the 'Illustrated History' series, which has already treated readers to similar looks at the stories of Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Queen, Iron Maiden, and other artists. 'Metallica: The Complete Illustrated History' is currently scheduled for a Nov. 15 release.

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