More video footage has been posted online from Metallica's eight-night stand at the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City. A new clip posted by Metallica TV shows Metallica casually rehearsing in their tuning room before going out to perform a savage 'Ride the Lightning' to the delirious stadium crowd on July 28.

The video starts off with a treat for Metallica fans - an informal jam on 'Creeping Death' to loosen up for the upcoming show. The band members appear relaxed as they joke back and forth about how to handle some of the guitar changes they need to accomplish on stage, but there's nothing relaxed about their over-the-top performance of 'Ride the Lightning,' during which bassist Robert Trujillo does Cliff Burton proud with his energetic and precise playing, while the rest of the band grind it out as if they've never even heard of 'Nothing Else Matters,' topped of by an insane Kirk Hammett guitar solo.

The Mexico City shows revealed a new set for Metallica that includes a massive 140" x 50" stage, elaborate pyro and elements of all of their past stage designs incorporated into one giant stadium spectacular. Another recent video includes a moment in which a stagehand catches fire, but not to worry ... it's all part of the show.

Drummer Lars Ulrich recently said Metallica is looking at releasing a new album in 2014.

Watch Metallica perform 'Ride the Lightning' in Mexico City