Metallica's eight-night stand at the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City has just gotten underway, but fan-made videos are already starting to leak out that reveal the elaborate stage show the band has created for the tour. One industrious fan has taken the best special effects from those videos and compiled them into one clip.

The video, which runs eight minutes and 30 seconds, even captures the stunt the band pulled on Saturday night, where a stagehand caught fire and another fell from a lighting rig as the stage collapsed. The staged "accident" first appeared on their 1998 concert DVD, 'Cunning Stunts.' Watch for it at the 0:51 mark of this video.

The band has promised that their new show, which takes place on a 140' x 50' stage, will contain elements from all the stage designs they've used during their legendary career. Giant statues are both created and brought down, and there's fire. Lots and lots of fire. Oh, and explosions.

After they finish up in Mexico City, Metallica will head to their hometown of San Francisco for the Outside Lands Festival. The band hopes to have a new album out in 2014.

Watch a Video of Special Effects from Metallica's Concert in Mexico City