Metallica have been very forthcoming with material from their Orion Music + More festival earlier this year, and they're now sharing a portion of the music weekend that not many got a chance to see -- their soundcheck.

The group recorded their entire June 22 pre-show soundcheck and it's now available as a free download for those interested. During the runthrough, the band worked out 'Creeping Death,' 'Hell and Back' and 'The Call of Ktulu' to make sure everything was on par for the performance.

Being that it was soundcheck, things ran a little looser, and it's noted on the download that James Hetfield skipped the first verse of 'Creeping Death' while walking on the catwalk along the Snake Pit surveying the grounds while playing his guitar.

This inaugural performance of the Orion Music + More took place at Atlantic City's Bader Field on June 23 and 24, with Metallica headlining both nights. They performed the 'Ride the Lightning' album in full the first night and the 'Black' album the second night.

Get your free download of the Metallica Orion Music + More soundcheck here.