Given the terrible reviews 'Lulu' has been receiving, Lou Reed & Metallica probably weren't expecting stellar sales figures from the collaborative album. That said, they also probably didn't foresee this: 'Lulu' sold just 13,000 copies in its first week out and an almost comical 3,000 is its second week, giving the disc a total of 16,000 units moved in its first two weeks out.

Compare that to Metallica's last album, 2008's 'Death Magnetic,' which sold 490,000 copies in its shortened first week (actually just three days), and you begin to understand how much of a dismal failure 'Lulu' has been. The band's 2003 release, 'St. Anger,' even managed sales of 418,000 in an abbreviated first week, despite negative press at the time of its arrival.

Granted, Lou Reed albums don't control nearly the same sales as Metallica's, but nothing could've prepared them for this bomb. Amazingly, 'Lulu' has already dropped off the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart after debuting at No. 13 in its first week on the tally.

Perhaps drummer Lars Ulrich was seeing into the future when he defended the project, saying, "It's not for everyone, but I think it's a fantastic record." It's certainly not for everyone -- but there are several thousand people out there somewhere with enough interest to pick it up.

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