Thanks to some great timing and a lot of generosity, one lucky puppy got to go on tour with Meat Loaf — and found a permanent home along the way.

The singer's official Facebook page tells the story of Ms. Karma, the pup some crew members spotted being abandoned in a dumpster behind the building where Meat and his band were rehearsing for a show in New Mexico. After they "scooped her up," her rescuers contacted a local vet, where she was given vaccinations and a full check-up.

After devoting a couple of days to "sleeping, lots of cuddles and settling into life on the road," Ms. Karma found her "new forever home" on Oct. 17, when she was adopted by one of the crew members. "We'll miss her but she's on her way to her new momma and sisters and a big ole ranch to run around," reads the post. "We're even more excited that she's staying a part of the extended Meat Loaf family forever!"

As Meat's team explained in a comment on the post, once Ms. Karma was rescued, placement with a member of his inner circle was the only choice: "There was no option of a shelter or a stranger. She was homed with 'family' and we will always know that she's ok."

Meat Loaf remains on tour through late November while production continues on his next album, Braver Than We Are, which he's currently targeting for a March 2016 release. Telling Billboard the new music is "completely different from anything else that's out there right now," he predicted, "When you hear the opening track, your mouth’s gonna hang open. You’re either gonna take the CD and throw it against the wall, or you’re going to go, 'I gotta see what’s coming next.'"

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