Matt Sorum continues to expand his artistry with a new band that's a stylistic leap from his work drumming in Velvet Revolver and Guns N' Roses. Sorum has formed Diamond Baby with his longtime girlfriend Ace Harper. The group has released their first video, a star-studded four minute long piece called 'The Last Rockstar.'

To change things up even further, the drummer goes by the name 'Baron Von Storm' in Diamond Baby, with Harper operating as 'Ace of Diamonds.' Their group is rounded out by 'Lisa the Lover' on keyboards (and keytar), 'Duke Oz' on guitar and 'Mr. Fritz' on bass. As expected, the video is full of colorful and slightly reckless characters. Look for guest appearances from Juliette Lewis, Vern Troyer and Jane Lynch.

Diamond Baby's website is pretty barebones right now, aside from a link to the music video and a highly entertaining montage of band member introductions. It's clear their dedication to this alternate storyline is sincere, and that there will be a certain amount of theater infused in the Diamond Baby brand of rock 'n' roll.

Watch Diamond Baby's 'The Last Rockstar' Video