Matt Sorum may not remember much of his wildest rock 'n' roll days, but he definitely misses the feeling of barely controlled chaos that surrounded many of the classic rock era's biggest bands.

As the former Guns N' Roses drummer explained during a recent interview with the Windsor Star, it's no accident that he named his current touring supergroup Kings of Chaos — and when he was asked to compare Kings member Sebastian Bach with GNR frontman Axl Rose, it got Sorum started on what he thinks is missing from today's music.

"They’re both powerhouses," Sorum said of Bach and Rose. "I think it’s a bit of a lost art form. A lot of the bands that are coming out now, you don’t really hear those kinds of powerful voices ... You know, I see bands with lead singers who are really nice. Squeaky clean. And I really don’t feel I’m getting that wild, rock 'n’ roll sensibility that I want."

As an example, Sorum pointed to Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters. "I love Dave Grohl, don’t get me wrong. But he’s a drummer who got out front with a guitar," he pointed out. "Is there any danger in it? Not really."

As Sorum sees it, even if Guns N' Roses have been frequently criticized over the years for their often unpredictable live performances, it's exactly that element of the unexpected that makes a rock band truly great. "If you go to a Foo Fighters show, you’re gonna see a band play their set, and everything is gonna go down nice, and he’ll thank the crowd, and everyone’s gonna go home and go ‘Wow, that was a really nice rock 'n’ roll show,'" he argued. "Not everything went perfect in any of the bands I’ve been in, but I know one thing: People on their way home were going ‘Holy ----, what was that?'"

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