Last month saw the reissues of the first three albums by Tyrannosaurus Rex, who would later become known as T. Rex. But Tony Visconti, who produced the originals and the remasters, says there’s not much left in the vaults, because frontman Marc Bolan’s house was robbed immediately after his 1977 death, a crime he thinks has never been looked into.

“Unfortunately, when he died, his house was ransacked,” Visconti recently told Mojo. “This was really odd. He died in the night in a car crash, and by 8AM – before it was announced in the press – his guitars were gone, his tapes were gone, his clothes were gone – out of the house! I wish somebody would really investigate this.”

The burglary, Visconti added, has led to Bolan’s rough mixes and demos being released on posthumous records like Billy Super Duper and Dance in the Midnight. But Visconti said he has his own versions of the music and is now thinking about putting them out.

“After the first album, Marc had his own tape recorder, so from then on he had everything I had,” he said in the interview. “I have plans to release my entire home demo tape [collection]. The time is right now. It’s not a question of money, because it’s not really worth anything – it never was – but I want it to be in the hands of the right people.”

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