Just when you thought you were finally a safe distance away from the two-headed monster known as Lou Reed & Metallica, the 'Lulu' collaborators turned up last night, Nov. 8, on the British TV show 'Later With Jools Holland' to take a stab at 'White Light / White Heat,' a classic song by Reed's former band the Velvet Underground.

And by stab, we mean exactly that -- a wild, blind and aimless lunge. The kind that never gets anywhere near what is being aimed at. Forget drawing blood.

For those of you who don't remember, a VU cover is how this whole Reed & Metallica collaboration started -- the solo avant artist and the metal masters teamed up in 2009 at a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Hall of Fame concert to perform the band's 'Sweet Jane'.

That performance was sloppy, and if you think two years and one album album recorded together would do anything to tighten up the collective's sound, well, you'd be wrong. Check out the clip posted below if you don't believe us -- then let us know if you think it's better or worse than 'Lulu' itself. It's actually a toss-up, if you ask us.

Lou Reed & Metallica Perform 'White Light / White Heat' on 'Jools Holland':