Two of Little Feat's best-known albums, 1972's Sailin' Shoes and 1973's Dixie Chicken, will be reissued this year. Both sets feature remastered versions of the original albums, plus previously unreleased live and studio recordings. The sets will be released on June 23 and will be available in two-CD and three-LP formats. Both are available for preorder.

The 2023 edition of Sailin' Shoes includes alternate versions of “Cold, Cold, Cold,” “A Apolitical Blues” and “Willin,'" plus a previously unreleased complete concert that was recorded at the Palladium in Los Angeles on Aug. 28, 1971.

The deluxe edition of Dixie Chicken also includes several unreleased session recordings of tracks like "Roll Um Easy,” “On Your Way Down” and “Juliette," as well as live performances recorded at Paul’s Mall in Boston on March 1, 1973.

Ahead of the release, a demo version of "Sailin' Shoes" and an alternate take of "Dixie Chicken" are available for listening now.

You can see the complete track listings for both collections below.

Little Feat will hit the road this fall for The Albums Tour, performing both Sailin' Shoes and Dixie Chicken in their entireties. The band is currently on the Boogie Your Spring Away tour, which lasts until August. More information can be found on Little Feat's website.

Little Feat, 'Sailin' Shoes,' 2023 2-CD Deluxe Edition Track Listing
Disc One: Original Album (2023 Remaster)
1. "Easy to Slip”
2. "Cold, Cold Cold"
3. "Trouble"
4. "Tripe Face Boogie"
5. "Willin'"
6. "A Apolitical Blues"
7. "Sailin' Shoes"
8. "Teenage Nervous Breakdown"
9. "Got No Shadow"
10. "Cat Fever"
11. "Texas Rose Cafe"
Disc Two: Hotcakes, Outtakes, Rarities
1. "Sailin' Shoes" – Demo *
2. "Easy to Fall" (early version of "Easy to Slip") – Demo For Doobie Bros.
3. "Texas Rose Cafe" – Demo For Doobie Bros.
4. "Cold, Cold, Cold" – Alternate Version *
5. "Roto/Tone"
6. "A Apolitical Blues" – Alternate Version *
7. "Boogie" (early version of “Tripe Face Boogie”)
8. "Trouble" – Alternate Version *
9. "Doriville"
10. "Willin'" – Alternate Version *
11. "Easy to Slip" – Mono Single Version
Thank You! I’ll Eat It Here: Live at the Palladium, Los Angeles, CA (8/28/71)
1. "Tripe Face Boogie" *
2. "Hamburger Midnight" *
3. "Cat Fever" *
4. "Willin'" *
5. "Strawberry Flats" *
6. "Got No Shadow" *
7. "Texas Rose Cafe" *
8. "Snakes On Everything" *
9. "Hot Rod" *
10. "Teenage Nervous Breakdown" *

Little Feat, 'Dixie Chicken,' 2023 2-CD Deluxe Edition Track Listing
Disc One: Original Album (2023 Remaster)
1. "Dixie Chicken"
2. "Two Trains"
3. "Roll Um Easy"
4. "On Your Way Down"
5. "Kiss It Off"
6. "Fool Yourself"
7. "Walkin’ All Night"
8. "Fat Man in the Bathtub"
9. "Juliette"
10. "Lafayette Railroad"
Disc Two: Hotcakes, Outtakes, Rarities
1. "Two Trains" – Demo
2. "Fat Man in the Bathtub" – Demo
3. "Walkin' All Night" – Alternate Version *
4. "Roll Um Easy" – Alternate Version *
5. "On Your Way Down" – Alternate Version *
6. "Eldorado Slim"
7. "Juliette" – Alternate Version *
8. "Hi Roller (Ace in the Hole)"
9. "Dixie Chicken" – Alternate Version *
Icepick Eldorado: Live at Paul’s Mall, Boston, MA (4/1/73)
1. "Two Trains" *
2. "Got No Shadow" *
3. "On Your Way Down" *
4. "Walkin' All Night" *
5. "Fat Man in the Bathtub" *
6. "Willin'" *
7. "A Apolitical Blues" *

* previously unreleased

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