What a way to open an album! The No. 49 song on our Top 50 Led Zeppelin Songs list, 'The Song Remains The Same,' charges out of the gate at first riffing and gets the mighty 'Houses Of The Holy' LP off and running. The balance between the heavy and the light are all perfectly encapsulated in this song.

The electricity of the surging riff soon gives way to the mellower verse before plunging back into full on rock mode. With no disrespect to the thunder drums of John Bonham and the always superb bass of John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page's anthemic guitar work is the star of the show here. His balance between the heavy and the more subdued is perfect here. A sunshine-like glow surrounds each guitar lick.

Robert Plant manages to tie Hare Krishna together with the "hoochie koo" in one fell swoop, and takes everybody along for the ride. 'The Song Remains The Same' was a favored opening number on the companion tour and, obviously, also served as the title for the group's 1976 live LP and film.

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