Led Zeppelin have released a new video featuring a previously unreleased version of their classic anthem 'Rock and Roll,' continuing the ongoing parade of promotion for the newly remastered and expanded editions of their studio albums.

As guitarist Jimmy Page tells USA Today, the track was one of the band's most spontaneous creations: "'Rock and Roll' is something that came more or less out of thin air. John Bonham played the drum introduction, and we were doing something else at the time, and I came in with the riff and stopped what we were doing and did it. It was spontaneous. You can tell everyone is having a real good time."

Like much of the previously unreleased material on these reissues, you'll need dog's ears and an elephant's memory to pick out exactly what's different about this new version of 'Rock and Roll,' although Page promises it offers attentive audiophiles "a different perspective on the song."

The spiffed-up versions of Led Zeppelin's untitled 1971 album (commonly known as 'Zoso') and 1973's 'Houses of the Holy' hit stores in a dizzying array of formats on Oct. 28. Expanded editions of 'Physical Graffiti,' 'Presence' and 'In Through the Out Door' are expected to follow in 2015.

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