The best Led Zeppelin love songs cover a surprisingly wide range of emotions and relationships. Within the lyrics of these classic tracks you'll find new love, forbidden passion, long lost romances, the love and support you give a friend, the grief of a lost family member and even a vow of devotion to Robert Plant's four-legged friend. So, let's explore amore in all its forms with our list of the Top 10 Led Zeppelin Love Songs:


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    "Bron-Y-Aur Stomp"

    From: 'Led Zeppelin III' (1970)

    Led Zeppelin love songs come in many forms. Take, for example, this ode to Robert Plant's beloved dog Strider, who the singer brought along to the cottage in Wales where he and Jimmy Page wrote most of the band's third album. As he happily walks in the fields with his "blue-eyed Merle," Plant wonders, "When so many loves go wrong / Will our love go on and on and on and on and on and on?" Any dog owner already knows the answer to that question.

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    "Fool in the Rain"

    From: 'In Through the Out Door' (1979)

    Love can make you lose your mind – we've all been there, right? Here, Plant finds himself so addled by "the light of the love" that he's found that he can't even remember the proper address for their planned rendezvous. This leads to all sorts of comic-tragic worrying on his part, but in the end everything seems to be resolved happily.

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    From: 'Led Zeppelin III' (1970)

    Now remember, we promised you Led Zeppelin love songs, not necessarily happy ones. This song's lyrics – reportedly written by Page back in his Yardbirds days – find him looking back with some pain and regret on a long-lost former romance: "I was her love she was my queen / And now a thousand years between."

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    "What is and What Should Never Be"

    From: 'Led Zeppelin II' (1969)

    Forbidden love rears its head on this calm-to-frenzied song from Led Zeppelin's second album, as Plant daydreams of stealing away with a woman who is apparently resisting his advances. He's completely undeterred, vowing "It only goes to show / That you will be mine / By takin' our time." It has frequently been suggested that the subject of this song was Shirley Wilson, who is both the mother of Plant's fourth child and sister to his first wife Maureen.

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    "In the Light"

    From: 'Physical Graffiti' (1975)

    On this epic song from Led Zeppelin's double-album masterpiece, Plant shows love and support to a friend by urging them to hold on during a tough time. He remembers his own past troubles ("I know how it feels 'cause I have slipped through to the very depths of my soul"), and offers to share the burden of their pain, "as you would for me."

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    "Out on the Tiles"

    From: 'Led Zeppelin III' (1970)

    This upbeat, muscular Led Zeppelin love song finds Plant walking down the street in a particularly great mood. The source of his happiness? He spells it out quite clearly: "I´m so glad I´m living and gonna tell the world I am / I got me a fine woman and she says that I´m her man." He then gently mocks the rat race participants hustling all about him, and promises his girl that her love is all he needs.

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    "I'm Gonna Crawl"

    From: 'In Through the Out Door' (1979)

    This dramatic blues-based track – the last song on Zeppelin's final proper studio album – finds our narrator pledging to give "every little bit" of his love to his sweetheart (using a more romantic version of the word than, say, "Whole Lotta Love") if she would just take him back. In fact, no matter where she is in the world, he'll leave his car and jet behind and get to her on his hands and knees. Wow, he must have f–ed up good, huh?

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    "The Rain Song"

    From: 'Houses of the Holy' (1973)

    Plant dedicates this beautifully orchestrated seven-minute long ballad to his love as thanks for being "the sunlight in my growing." He says he realizes that a little rain must fall into everyone's life, and expresses gratitude to his beloved for rescuing him from what sounds like a particularly cold, nasty winter: "I never thought it would ever go / I cursed the gloom that set upon us / But I know that I love you so."

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    "All My Love"

    From: 'In Through the Out Door' (1979)

    Plant sends a profoundly direct and simple message of love – "All of my love / All of my love / All of my love to you" – to his son Karac, who passed away suddenly and tragically in 1977 at age five. In 1993, Plant would record another tribute, "I Believe," to his child – telling him "Like the wind you are free / Just a whisper I hear you / So talk to me."

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    "Thank You"

    From: 'Led Zeppelin II' (1969)

    We sure hope Plant didn't use the lyrics from "Thank You," our choice for the top Led Zeppelin love song, on a Valentine's Day card. Because if so he really set himself a high bar for the following year. After all, how exactly does one top lines like "If the sun refused to shine / I would still be loving you" and "My love is strong / With you there is no wrong / Together we shall go until we die?"

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