Krokus singer Marc Storace said he was the subject of an upcoming Netflix biographical movie that will be released some time after the band’s farewell concert movie.

They recorded their final home show at the Hallenstadion in Zurich, Switzerland, on Dec. 7, but some of the footage will appear in a separate film about Maltese vocalist Storace and his career.

“I’m not into the details and the business much,” he told Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon in a new interview. Adding that he preferred to leave production work to his director, Storace noted "he was onstage with us at the Hallenstadion, getting bits and pieces while his partners were out there with bigger cameras, getting the whole stadium in. This is gonna be something they have to puzzle together. I’m looking forward to the first screening, whenever that is.”

Storace explained that "first will come the Krokus thing. Mine can wait. We’ve got to visit Malta and do some filming there and interview people, some of my old, old, old musician friends. And go on to London and New York and California and Canada.”

You can listen to the interview below.

Storace said the Zurich concert was an emotional experience, since Krokus meant so much to the nation as the first rock band from Switzerland to break through.

“I really had to fight back to hold my emotions so that I wouldn’t get a frog in my throat during the gig,” he said. “I gave my best and so did we all. … After the first encore I had a rush of thoughts. I thought about everything in seconds, and my heart opened up. My tears just whooshed, you know. I had a few moments to myself behind the back line, having a little cry. Always good to have a little cry every now and then. And then we did 'Bedside Radio' and I could see … other folks in the crowd wiping the tears away. It was a big thing.”

Krokus will start their final North American tour on Sept. 18 and end it on Oct. 10.


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