Somebody is going to be rocking and rolling all night -- with a rare piece of Kiss memorabilia. A 1979-era toy wireless microphone emblazoned with the band's iconic logo has sold on eBay for a whopping $3,381.47 after a 26-bid scramble.

Offered after it was discovered in an estate sale, the vintage mic works like a radio, with a nine-volt battery installed on one end and an old-fashioned telescoping antenna on the other that extends out some two feet. gave these toys a five-star mark for collectibility, its highest ranking. The mic was referred to as "one of the Kiss holy grail items" on the site's Facebook page.

It arrived during a period of ground-breaking wall-to-wall marketing from Kiss, between 1977's 'Alive II' and 1979's 'Dynasty' albums. Kiss issued a Marvel comic book (with ink that had been mixed with actual blood from the band!), dolls, a pinball machine, trading cards, board games and countless other pieces of memorabilia. In all, Kiss is said to have made some $100 million in merchandise sales over that three-year period alone.

A Remco-made Kiss microphone, dating to 1978, is more widely available, and has sold on eBay before for hundreds rather than thousands of dollars, while this version -- manufactured by Aucoin -- is apparently both far more rare and far more valuable, at least to one member of the Kiss Army.

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