Have you ever wanted to shoot a metal ball into Gene Simmons' open mouth? Consider the new Kiss pinball machine your dream come true.

The band has teamed up with Stern Pinball to produce a new cabinet that brings back memories of their classic pinball machine from the '70s — but should set buyers back a heck of a lot less than the $25,000 older machines have been listed at on the secondary market.

IGN reports that artist Kevin O’Connor, who contributed the hand-drawn art for the Kiss console originally released in 1978, returned to contribute to the new machine — all part of the painstaking efforts the company took to do right by the band and its fans. "They're a great rock 'n' roll show, with great theatrics," explained Stern CEO Gary Stern. "Their makeup, their look, it’s just cool for pinball."

Some of the new cabinet's features are laid out in the teaser video above, which lists the 10 Kiss classics featured in the soundtrack and offers a glimpse of the layout, including a giant Simmons head that "spits [balls] out for the 'Blood-Spitting Demon Bass Solo' multi-ball mode." According to Stern director of marketing Jody Dankberg, that's just one way the new game attempts to reflect the Kiss concert experience.

"At a Kiss concert, [Paul Stanley] likes to fly out into the crowd and he plays on a little stage ... We re-created that with the ball," Dankberg explained. "The ball will float the back panel on a magnet, land on the stage, then the toy Paul Stanley is going to rock out to 'Love Gun.'"

The company isn't ready to announce a release date or purchase price for the game yet, but Stern promises this is one Kiss-affiliated product you can count on the band standing behind. "There’s no amount of money you could pay them that would affect their lives or anything like that. They really wanted to do the project," he insisted. "They’re big fans of pinball."

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