Just a few weeks after releasing the approved images for the licensing of Hello Kitty-branded Kiss items, which marks a true cultural collision, a new batch of kute Kiss items have surfaced. Kiss Pandas are now available for purchase at Spencer’s and FYE retail locations. There are hardly any merchandise stones left unstocked by Kiss. But we have to admit, the Kiss Pandas are in fact adorable.

There’s even an accompanying video, featuring ‘Rock and Roll All Nite,’ which finds each makeup appropriate Panda rocking out on stage with huge Marshall stacks surrounding them. And yes, the Kiss Pandas perform the song as though they were the real thing. An entire line of Kiss Panda items is due out down the road, too.

At least Pandas already have something in common with the real Kiss. Pandas faces are black and white, the same colors Gene Simmons and company use to paint their faces.

We are left to wonder: What hasn’t the Kiss marketing machine thought of yet? If there is something that can branded with the Kiss logo or their signature makeup, it's likely been done or is being done. Kiss Polar Bears must be next. Or what about Kiss kans of Coke? We could do this all night.

(Editor's response: here's three ideas that I'd buy in a heartbeat: A big poster of the inside photo from 'Alive II,' my own scaled-down version of the lighted stage logo sign, and reasonably-priced vinyl copies of every album from 'Revenge' on.)

Watch the Kiss Pandas Perform

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