Following in the conceptual footsteps of Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' and the Who's 'Tommy,' there may soon be a movie based on Kiss' 1981 concept album, 'Music From 'The Elder." Independent British author and film maker Seb Hunter is taking the story to the big screen, with or without the endorsement of the grease paint wonders.

"We’re doing it respectfully," he says, "and we’d love their authorization. I’m hoping they’ll be able to see the potential in it.” Hunter has contacted Kiss' management with details of his plan and has his fingers crossed that they will give a thumbs up to the project.

So how does he see the album becoming the movie? According to Blabbermouth, Hunter says ”I’ve decided to reset it as a kinda post-apocalyptic road movie, but with all the signifies in place and the characters are the same and the general narrative is the same or at least what we know of it. It basically tells the same story and, of course, it’s an old story with a boy on a quest and the story of good and evil.”

On the movie's website, Hunter tells his story of how Kiss changed his life and how he arrived at the idea of making 'The Elder' into a movie. There is also a link you can click on if you wish to donate funds to help the movie get made, though that is not, he says, why he wants the band's endorsement. “We’re not asking for money," he says, "and we’re not asking for investments. We’re potentially reactivating some long-dead part of their catalog in an incredible new way."

There must be something in the air regarding 'The Elder,' because it was also recently announced that there will be a book out about this exceptionally unique entry in the Kiss canon. 'Music from 'The Elder': The Unauthorized Story of the Most Spectacular Failure in the History of Kiss,' will be released by our very own editor, Matthew Wilkening, in the spring of 2012. You can read a preview chapter at the book's official site.

We're currently running a readers' poll asking people to pick their favorite songs from each Kiss album - and there's a three-way battle for best 'Music from 'The Elder" title brewing between 'I,' 'A World Without Heroes' and 'The Oath.'

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