It's no secret that sludgy noise rockers the Melvins are big classic rock fans. They've covered everybody from Pink Floyd and Alice Cooper to the Who and Kiss during the 30-plus years they've been around.

In an exclusive video interview with Ultimate Classic Rock (which you can watch above), the band's frontman Buzz "King Buzzo" Osborne talks about another influence on the group ... and one that you wouldn't necessarily expect: Queen.

"That was always a band we looked up to," he says. "We were always surprised that no one could see that little bit of influence that bands like that had on us."

Osborne, a fierce and outspoken critic of a-hole rock 'n' roll behavior, says that Queen are the only classic rock band he stuck with until the end. "I can't say I like all their stuff," he notes. "But I certainly like almost all of it. And I think they probably made, from the mid-'70s on, the most interesting classic rock records."

Even the Who, a King Buzzo favorite, and the Rolling Stones don't get full passing grades -- he likes them "only to a certain point." "They made so many great records, I'll just enjoy those ones," he said. "That's fine, even if I don't like their new stuff."

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