Fifty-plus years into their amazing career, the Rolling Stones are a big enough machine that it can take a lot of work to get things moving -- but once they do, they've got enough natural momentum to carry them over the rough spots. So it seems to be with the band's recently completed '14 on Fire' tour, which saw the band celebrating five decades by delving into their deep catalog of classic hits across Europe; although there's still no real word on if or when they might get around to following up their most recent studio LP, 2005's 'A Bigger Bang,' guitarist Keith Richards seems to think the Stones' recent dates might lead to something more.

"This band is really picking up steam now," Richards muses in the group's recently released tour video, embedded above. "There's something in the air. ... Our strength lies in being together. There's a certain chemistry. I can't put my finger on it -- if I knew the answer I'd bottle it and sell it."

Richards' enthusiasm for the Stones has helped carry the band through a number of fallow periods, but he isn't alone in drawing comfort from their renewed activity. During a recent press junket for the upcoming James Brown biopic 'Get on Up,' which he helped produce, singer Mick Jagger admitted that the tour has helped him heal in the wake of his girlfriend L'Wren Scott's suicide earlier this year, saying, "I’m doing okay. It’s difficult. Very hard year, but I got back into it by working on touring with the Stones in Europe and doing other things, including doing this great movie."

Of course, all of this falls far short of official confirmation that there's a new record in the works, but Richards certainly sounds like he's ready to go. "It's been a real buzz," he chuckled in the video. "I think I may keep this job on."