Keith Moon apparently broke into Mick Jagger's hotel room in the middle of the night dressed as Batman.

The Rolling Stones singer tells Howard Stern that the "nutcase" Who drummer almost got himself stabbed in the process.

"Keith was a complete lunatic," Jagger said. "I was in Los Angeles in a hotel once and I was asleep, and he broke into my room dressed as Batman. I woke up and there was Batman in front of me, complete with a mask and everything. It’s not quite what you expect in the middle of the night."

Hotel security wasn't as advanced when Moon's fire escape-assisted break-in happened, so Jagger was somewhat prepared for intruders: "I think I had a knife, at least; I had some sort of defensive weapon."

As Jagger moved to defend himself, Moon frantically tried to explain his true identity. That only served to create more confusion, however, since the drummer shared a first name with Stones guitarist Keith Richards. "[He's shouting] 'It's Keith! It's Keith!,' and I said 'You're not Keith; I can tell you're not Keith by your voice,'" Jagger added. "[He said] 'No, Keith Moon, Keith Moon!,' and he took his mask off."

Stern also elicited a very simple answer when he asked Jagger what the Rolling Stones would have sounded like if Led Zeppelin's John Bonham had been their drummer instead of Charlie Watts: "Louder."

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