John Paul Jones, bassist for Led Zeppelin -- and more recently, cross-generational supergroup Them Crooked Vultures -- rather randomly turned up on the British music show 'Later With Jules Holland' to back a fellow by the name of Seasick Steve on a rousing performance of 'Don't Know Why She Loves Me But She Do' last night.

Formerly a globe-trotting busker, Seasick Steve and the blues music he performs -- often with self-made instruments -- have grown in popularity, particularly overseas, in recent years. This is largely thanks to a few championing tastemakers, including late-night BBC 2 music talk-show host Holland, who first had Steve perform on the show way back in 2006.

White Stripes frontman Jack White recently signed Steve to his Third Man Records label, and will put out a so-far untitled and unscheduled album from the unconventional performer later this year. Meanwhile, with Robert Plant re-inventing himself and changing bands every couple of years, and Jones busy performing with and producing records by all sorts of cool acts, we ask: Jimmy Page, where are you? We need you!

Watch Seasick Steve and John Paul Jones Perform 'Don't Know Why She Love Me But She Do'

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