Don't expect to see former Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon, a.k.a. Johnny Rotten, in the audience at a Rolling Stones concert anytime soon.

The ever-outspoken Lydon shared his disdain for the current state of the Stones' live show during a recent public appearance to promote his book, 'Anger Is an Energy.' Asked if he believed there should be an age limit on performing in rock, he sniffed, "No, only if you're Mick Jagger. Did anybody see last year's Glastonbury? I mean, come on, Mick."

And actually, added Lydon, his problems with the show didn't have everything to do with the group's senior citizen status. "It's not about age here, its about the show-off bulls---," he explained. "I wanted the Stones to give us the juice, the stuff that really put them there in the first place."

Instead, he argued, the audience got "Mick in ladies' tights and his testicles are frocked and he's running around like a speed freak and then there's the band looking incredibly embarrassed and wearing the awful, I call them Tommy Hilfiger kind of colors, like Cliff Richard-on-holiday wear."

Sex Pistols fans don't have to worry about seeing a similar spectacle. Responding to a question about further reunions from the band, Lydon scoffed, "Oh no, that's finished. I mean, have you seen us? We've all put on weight, but [guitarist Steve Jones] is coming it at 500 pounds! And I did the butter advert!"

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