During the '70s, it's safe to say that the Eagles and his solo work brought Joe Walsh most of his headlines, but the singer/guitarist says his other band, the James Gang, may see a bit of a revival if he has anything to say about it.

The singer told M - Music & Musicians (via Gibson), "I went to Cleveland and saw Jimmy [drummer Fox] and Dale [bassist Peters] and we played some together. It's great. We can still do it. The James Gang is alive and well."

The vocalist says he was so inspired by meeting up with his former bandmates that there might be a future for them. He explains, "The first little window I get from my current project, and the Eagles, we'll probably go out as a three-piece. At some point, we'll go out and play some small places."

But before fans start thinking of it as the next major reunion, Walsh states, "I don't think we should have a 'comeback' tour and I don't think we should try to fill 10,000-seat places. But in House of Blues or Hard Rock Café venues - those types of places - I think we would do great."

Walsh is currently spending his time supporting his 'Analog Man' solo album, and he also revealed to Gibson that the Eagles are working on a documentary. He revealed, "We've looked at all our archives - lots of archived video and interview footage that dates back even before I joined the band. It's going to cover the entire lifetime of the band. Everybody on the perimeter is interviewed, and we're all interviewed. We've got great people producing and directing it."

While there's no firm title or release date, Walsh says he would expect it out toward the end of 2013.

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