Joe Satriani will bring his G4 Experience guitar clinic back for its third annual outing in 2016. Scheduled for Aug. 8-12, 2016, the G4 will take the action from Cambria, Calif., cross-country to Long Island, N.Y. — a move that, as Satriani explains on the event website, is about much more than a simple change of scenery.

"Obviously, I grew up in Westbury, Long Island, but there’s more to it than that," writes Satriani. "When I was a 14-year-old budding guitar player, I started my career at high school dances in the surrounding towns. At 16, I was playing bars in the area. At 17, I was doing weekend road trips to the Hamptons and performing at the clubs there."

As in years past, the 2016 G4 Experience invites guitarists to immerse themselves in a unique environment that, as Satriani puts it, offers "a huge leap forward from the typical guitar clinic experience" by gathering a crew of talented professional players to jam with and instruct attendees. This year's guest instructors include Eric Johnson, Frank Zappa vet Mike Keneally and Testament's Alex Skolnick, as well as a guest appearance from Steve Vai.

It's all set to take place at the Glen Cove Mansion, a 55-acre estate on Long Island, with accommodations starting at $1,899 for a shared room. Those with a little extra to spend can sign up for the premium upgrade package, which adds a new Ibanez guitar that you can have strung by Satriani's personal tech.

Though complete scheduling details won't be posted until next spring, the G4 site promises "a variety of master classes perfect for all levels" as well as wrap-up classes for each concept and Q&A sessions designed to keep every student from missing out on "any instructor, style or opportunity."

"My whole musical foundation — even starting on the drums at the age of 9 — centers around that area," adds Satriani. "I have so many family and friends there. Steve Vai and I became best friends back in high school! There’s just this special concentration of likeminded guitar players. Now, we’re inviting you into that circle."

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