Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page thrilled a packed house at Royal Albert Hall in London last night when he joined Donovan to perform his classic "hired gun" solo from the British folk-rock legend's 1965 hit 'Sunshine Superman.'

Page, in between Yardbirds and Zeppelin gigs at the time, worked as a session guitarist on the famous song for a mere few pounds back in the day. As Rolling Stone reported, forty-six years later, Page's predictably loud and yet tasteful playing stole the spotlight from his host and the London Contemporary Orchestra, who were part of the night's activities as well.

He also sat in for another Donovan favorite, 'Mellow Yellow,' and yes, rest assured we'll be checking YouTube every hour for the rest of the day to try and hear that assumed bit of awesomeness.

As is our want, we've been covering a lot of Led Zeppelin alumni news recently. In fact, you can read about John Paul Jones popping up on the BBC with Seasick Steve, check out our special interviews on the influence of Jones and his rhythm section partner John Bonham, and get ready for Robert Plant's upcoming Bonnaroo appearance without every leaving our site.

More of this, Jimmy. Do more stuff like this. That's an order!

Update: We added the 'Mellow Yellow' footage -- that's Jimmy on the right, with his back to us.

Watch Donovan's and Jimmy Page Perform 'Mellow Yellow' Live in London