Jimi Hendrix’ 1969 vehicle registration clearly states, “If you no longer own this vehicle destroy this card.” Thankfully, someone failed to follow through with that instruction giving collectors an opportunity to bid on a vehicle registration originally addressed to the guitarist. This official government document baring Hendrix’ (typed) name sold for $2250.00 on eBay.

Rock stars and their cars have always been of interest to many enthusiasts, so in that respect it’s understandable why this registration sold for big money. Still, it’s just paper. It doesn’t play, nor is it autographed. It’s just a piece of official mail that most folks dread finding in their own mailbox due to the renewal payment owed. Yet, in a collector’s world, mundane items rule because they’re often limited to just a solitary one.

Hendrix owned a few Corvettes during the late ‘60s and though it’s not clear which Corvette this particular registration is linked to, it’s been reported that Hendrix’ first one was purchased in Cleveland, Ohio at Blaushild Chevrolet. Hendrix drummer Mitch Mitchell notes this purchase in his autobiography, ‘The Hendrix Experience,’ claiming that the guitar great wrecked the Corvette but had it replaced shortly thereafter.

The seller (who posted this item for a friend) claims it originated from a 1990 radio promotion by Z-Rock of Cincinnati but it was presented to him by a rep of WTUE Radio in Dayton, Ohio. Confusing? Yes; sort of, but the seller swears of its legitimacy and the item sold without one posted question.

Registered drivers usually have a paper trail a mile long so typically this is not the sort of paperwork one would keep after expiration, let alone hoard for 40 years. That is, unless the driver’s name is James Marshall Hendrix.