The Jimi Hendrix classic 'Purple Haze' is part of a new ad from Citi Visa. The commercial uses the upcoming Winter Olympics as a backdrop.

Hendrix, however, is not alone here as his psychedelic visions share the spotlight with both hip-hop and classical. U.S. Olympic gold medalist Bill Demong proudly announces, "When I'm training, I always listen to music,' explaining his regimen of hip-hop for gym workouts, classical for cross-country skiing, then proclaiming, "For jumps, I need something special" before doing the Visa card plug for music downloads. As Demong is seen sailing skyward off the ramp, the signature line from 'Purple Haze,' "'scuse me while I kiss the sky" is heard loud and proud.

Released stateside in the Summer of 1967, 'Purple Haze' was the first real taste most had of the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Though it barely made a dent in the U.S. charts at the time, only reaching No. 65, the single, and accompanying album, 'Are You Experienced?' would firmly establish Hendrix as a force of nature and one of the most unique talents of all time. When issued a few months earlier in the U.K., 'Purple Haze' made it all the way up to No. 3, staying on the U.K. charts for 14 weeks.

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