In celebration of Ian Anderson's newly released album 'Thick as a Brick 2,' you can win that record, and 23 other Jethro Tull CDs, courtesy of Total Assault and Ultimate Classic Rock. A complete list of the discs included in the prize can be found at the bottom of this article.

As we reported earlier, the new album is a sequel to Tull's classic 1972 opus 'Thick as a Brick,' with Anderson seeking to answer the question of what has happened to 'Brick''s hero, Gerald Bostock, after all these years.

Actually, as the Tull frontman explained to us in a recent interview, multiple possible futures are considered for the protagonist: "I didn’t, obviously, want to just restrict it to one possible course of life for the young school boy so I made him a preacher, a soldier, an ordinary man who runs a little corner shop and plays with his toy trains…a despicable fat-cat investment banker, and so we had a few different possibilities."

Anderson will be touring in support of 'Thick as a Brick 2' throughout 2012, you can keep get all the latest dates and ticket buying information at Jethro Tull's official website. You'll find a list of the compact discs that are included in this prize package below; all you need to do for your chance to win is to sign up right here:

The Jethro Tull Catalog Giveaway Includes:

'Catfish Rising'
'A Little Light Music'
'Roots To Branches'
'Broadsword & The Beast'
'Crest of a Knave'
'Under Wraps'
'Bursting Out'
'A Passion Play'
'Songs From The Wood'
'Heavy Horses'
'Best of Acoustic Jethro Tull'
'Best of Jethro Tull Anniversary Collection'
'Minstrel In The Gallery'
'Too Old to Rock ‘N’ Roll'
'Stand Up'
'This Was'
'Nightcap Unreleased 1973-1991'
'Heavy Horses/Songs For The Wood'
'Aqualung 40th Anniversary'
'Rock Island'
'Thick As A Brick 2'

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