Southern metal icon Kirk Windstein, of Crowbar and Down fame, will release his debut solo album Dream in Motion on Jan. 24 via Entertainment One. It’s available for pre-order now.

The 10-track work closes with a cover of Jethro Tull 1971 classic “Aqualung,” from the album of the same name, which you can hear exclusively via UCR below.

“‘Aqualung’ has always been one of my favorite classic rock songs,” Windstein tells UCR. “Crowbar used to cover it. Because everything’s in D Standard, I was able to pick out the natural key that the song’s in, so it’s exactly like the Jethro Tull version. That guitar solo was named the Number 25 Greatest Solo of All Time on a readers poll in Guitar World or something. I’m really proud of the way the song came out as a whole. I think I did a good job on it. I hope that Tull’s Ian Anderson and Martin Barre get to hear it at some point.”

Described as a “powerfully moving recording that pulls from every corner of the riff king’s three-decade-plus career,” Dream in Motion was recorded over two years during Windstein’s downtime. He recorded all vocal, guitar and bass tracks, while drums and effects were provided by longtime producer Duane Simoneaux.

“The idea to record a solo album started out as, 'I’m going to do an acoustic record,' but that’s just so cliche," Windstein said in a statement. “Nothing against that, but It’s been done a million times. But I had been thinking about doing something a little more mellow for some time. It’s something I wanted to do, I needed to do. It’s another side of my songwriting, my personality. It’s another side of me. It’s something I did for myself.”

He added: “It’s not even that this isn’t heavy, because there are bits and pieces that are very heavy. But even the heaviest riff on this is something I couldn’t really do in Crowbar. If some Crowbar fans don’t like it, I’ll understand. But I hope people dig it.”

Kirk Windstein, ‘Dream in Motion’ Track Listing

1. “Dream in Motion”
2. “Hollow Dying Man”
3. “Once Again”
4. “Enemy in Disguise”
5. “The World You Know”
6. “Toxic”
7. “The Healing”
8. “Necropolis”
9. “The Ugly Truth”
10. “Aqualung”


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