Great White singer Jack Russell was involved in a drunken boat crash recently, but as the now-sober rocker proudly explains, he wasn't the one causing the damage, and luckily nobody got hurt very badly.

As the singer, currently leading a version of his former band under the name Jack Russell's Great White, recounts to Metal Sludge, "My wife Heather and I were sitting on the couch yesterday evening when we heard this huge 'Boom.' I went onto the back deck and this drunk guy in a sailboat had crashed into the back of our boat."

Fortunately, Russell explains that there was little damage to his boat, and since the offending boat captain had the proper insurance, our narrator decided to take pity on him. "I took his info and had him shove off before the Harbor Patrol showed up, no sense in him going to jail."

Now, that's very nice of Russell in one way, especially since it was the other guy's boat that took the brunt of the damage. On the other hand, he did send a drunk boater back out into the world to possibly do more damage... what would you have done in the same scenario?

Great White was involved in a much more serious accident back in 2003, when pyrotechnics set a Rhode Island venue on fire at one of their shows, killing 100 people and injuring 200 more.

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