Comedian Jack Black teamed up with 20-year-old contestant Casey Abrams for a comedic interpretation of Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls," on the "American Idol" Season 10 finale Wednesday (May 25).

It’s a bit ironic that a show that strives to find the “next big thing” under 29 would pack its finale with performances with vets from Judas Priest to Tony Bennett, but it makes for some odd match-ups and entertaining collaborations.

While it wasn't the highest-profile gig of the night, it was obvious the duo were having a blast and not too stressed about trying to show off their skills in front of millions. The song also gave Abrams the chance, one final time, to deliver his characteristic growl.

As for Black, the performance was an extension of what he does with comedy duo Tenacious D, his rock band with fellow musician and comedian Kyle Gass. Tenacious D’s forthcoming full-length, "The Rise of the Phoenix," will drop later this year. Meanwhile, Black’s latest film, "Kung Fu Panda 2," opens nationwide this weekend.

Watch Jack Black and Casey Abrams Sing Queen's 'Fat Bottom Girls' on 'American Idol'

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