Well, at least some fun has come out of the ill-fated and mostly cancelled Rock and Roll Allstars' South American tour: we've learned that Gene Simmons, the demonic monster of Kiss, is one helluva hoofer.

This late-breaking news comes courtesy of former Guns N' Roses bassist Duff McKagan, who along with Simmons, Def Leppard singer Joe Elliot and several other major rock stars, were set to embark on a nine-city tour of Latin America. The majority of those dates ended up being cancelled for security and logistical reasons, but judging from McKagan's report on the trip in Reverb, a good time backstage was still there for the taking.

Apparently, once former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach broke out the boombox and cranked some Sly & the Family Stone, "Simmons suddenly appeared, and started dancing . . . really well. He did some disco dancing, the 'mashed potato,' the 'twist,' the 'hustle,' and some good ol' stripper dancing (editor's note: you can find that yourself). We all stood rather agape at this spectacle. The God of Thunder has real and bona fide SOUL. What the?"

McKagan goes on to tell of what else he learned about Simmons during the trip -- including his encyclopedic knowledge of hit songs, and how he arrived in America at age eight without speaking a word of English. You can check out the rest of the tale right over here.

Oh, no, we just realized... Simmons is going to be on 'Dancing with the Stars' one of these days, isn't he?

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