As one of the most successful and influential bands of the last 40 years, Rush's music and lyrics have long been the subject of literary scrutity. Now, a new book takes a further look at why they have been so important.

'Rush: The Illustrated History,' which will be released on May 15 on Voyageur Press, chronologically details the band's rise from its beginnings in Toronto up the present day. The book also includes a complete discography, with album reviews and commentary by well-known music journalists and other musicians.

Included in its 192 pages are hundreds of photographs and such memorabilia as picture sleeves, posters and ticket stubs. Chapter titles include 'Subdivisions, 1964-72,' 'Tide Pools & Hyperspace, 1977-80' and 'Keyboards, Mullets & Fine Haberdashery, 1982-88.'

The book was written by longtime Canadian heavy metal journalist Martin Popoff, author of the 'Ye Olde Metal' and the 'Collector's Guide to Heavy Metal' series, along with numerous other biographies on hard rock and metal artists.

You can pre-order 'Rush: The Illustrated History' at Amazon.