God bless Wes Anderson. Throughout his career, the filmmaker has used great music -- familiar and obscure, old and new -- in his movies in ways that enhance the characters' emotions. Without him, 'I Am Waiting' might have been forgotten by all but the most fanatical Rolling Stones fans. Buried deep on 1966's 'Aftermath,' the folk-tinged 'I Am Waiting' gained new life in Anderson's 1998 breakthrough film 'Rushmore.'

As with most of 'Aftermath,' 'I Am Waiting' shows the Stones beginning to experiment musically, with Brian Jones' Appalachian dulcimer creating an insistent drone in the verse. In the B-section, introduced by two snare shots, Mick Jagger's vocal takes the lyric from mere yearning into pure agony.


Watch 'I Am Waiting' As Used in Wes Anderson's 'Rushmore'

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