Congrats are in order for Heart guitarist Nancy Wilson. She confirmed her engagement to Geoff Bywater, a music industry exec who works for FOX and deals with the tunes that are used on shows like 'Glee,' in a very public forum: Facebeook.

Having been spotted with a ring on her left hand, Wilson took the band's official Facebook page to share her good news and to presumably clear up any rumors.

Wilson, 58, admitted that she and her betrothed are in love –and deeply so. They are the same age and committed parents with a happily blended family. She did not share an intended wedding date at this time.

Congrats to Wilson and Bywater. Does this mean that we can expect to see Heart songs covered on the hit dramedy 'Glee' now that they're making it official?  'Barracuda' or 'Alone' would be perfect for the teen-friendly show, don't you think?

It's a busy year for Heart, as the new album 'Fanatic' is due to drop on Oct. 2, while a box set of rarities and classic hits will make the rounds this summer.

Below is the full text of Wilson's post about her engagement.

Hello good Heartmongers!

Here is the latest love report:

There have been some questions about a certain ring on my left hand and yes- it's an engagement ring. There's a new love in my life!

My fiancée Geoff Bywater is a senior exec at Fox who handles the music for
Glee among many other shows.

We are deeply in love, the same age, and both devoted parents. There is so
much happiness we share together, and our blended families too.

Send up a cheer!
Love is GRAND.

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