With new vocalist Todd La Torre firmly ensconced in the lineup, the Geoff Tate-less version of Queensryche is getting ready to hit fans with a brand new album on June 10. But you don't have to wait until summer to hear new music from the band -- in fact, they've just debuted the record's leadoff single, 'Redemption.'

Blabbermouth quotes La Torre as describing the new album by saying, "There's something that you'd say, 'Hey, that sounds like it could have been off 'Rage For Order,' or 'This sounds kind of like 'Mindcrime'-ish,' or "This could be an 'Empire' thing,' but with a new flavor on it. There's some new sounds."

Continued La Torre, "All of this is a very wonderful, natural, quality piece of music and all of us feel that way. Are we gonna say it's a balls-to-the-wall heavy album? No. It's a hard rock record with some metal elements to it. But I would never want to say that it's a heavy metal record because I don't want to box in Queensryche. I don't want to box our sound in."

What that means, in La Torre's eyes, is that "If we want to use strings and be orchestrated, we can do that. If I want to scream 'till I'm blue in the face, you know, we can do that. If [guitarist] Michael [Wilton] wants to play something really shreddin' or soft and pretty, we want to have all of those avenues to go down without boxing us into a genre or niche. Overall, I think it's a strong record. It's very true and authentic to us. And we hope that that translates musically to the fans. And everyone here thinks differently. But, overall, I think that people are really gonna like it, and I think it's a huge deviation from the last couple records. It was only the band writing. There's no outside influence."

Hear Queensryche's 'Redemption'

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