1/28 Update: The 2013 Ultimate Classic Rock Bowl semifinals ended Jan. 27 at 11:59 EST.

The semifinal round of the 2013 Ultimate Classic Rock Bowl kicks off with another battle between generations: one of the most popular bands of the last 25 years, Guns N' Roses, against perhaps the most influential group of all time, the Beatles.

At the start of the month, 16 of rock's biggest acts began battling each other in a series of single-elimination matches to determine the true champion of the genre; four groups remain. Guns N' Roses earned their spot by defeating two legendary groups -- the Rolling Stones in round one, and Led Zeppelin (54 to 46%) in round two. Meanwhile, the Beatles ousted the Who in their first battle and narrowly edged AC/DC (51 to 49%) last week.

Who will get your vote - the group who pretty much single-handedly saved rock and roll by wiping hair metal off the map, or the four Liverpool lads that essentially wrote the vocabulary of popular music? You can vote once per hour in each of the semifinal matches from now until Sunday, Jan. 27 at 11:59 PM ET.

The 2013 Ultimate Classic Rock Bowl champ will be announced Feb. 4 — the day after the Super Bowl.

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