Two of rock's most dynamically sleazy frontmen face each other in the first round of this month’s 100 percent fan-voted Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame competition. We're talking about Guns N' Roses mastermind Axl Rose and Jane's Addiction/Porno for Pyros leader Perry Farrell.

While they've both done plenty to earn the honor in their own right, only one shall make it through to the semifinals. As always, you decide the victor.

Although GNR fell more on the "metal" end of the '80s hard rock spectrum, while Jane's Addiction pursued a more unpredictable (and occasionally ear-splitting) blend of heavy rock and prog, both bands pushed the envelope with cheerful abandon during the decade, with album covers, lyrics, and a general attitude that rankled the would-be gatekeepers at the PMRC.

As time went on, both bands also fell prey to their respective leaders' increasingly inscrutable whims, and the fans were often left hanging; high member turnover, long recording hiatuses and the occasional breakup/reunion have all been part of the picture for Jane's and/or GNR fans since the mid-'90s. But in one way or another, they're both active today, playing behind legacies that have spread beyond the Sunset Strip.

So who makes it through to the next round — Guns N' Roses or Jane's Addiction? It’s your call. You can vote once a day between now and Monday, Nov. 17, at 11:59PM ET. This month’s winner will be announced on Dec. 2. Be sure to read our official rules.

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