Hey, if Metallica classics can be set to cellos courtesy of Finnish band Apocalyptica, who says that Guns N' Roses' definitive, rebellious anthem 'Welcome to the Jungle' can't get the same treatment?

2Cellos –- Croatian born Luka Sulic, 23, and Stjepan Hauser, 24 -- do just that, taking GN'R's biggest song and twisting it with an all-string arrangement. We bet Slash would be proud; we're not going to go as far as to suggest that W. Axl Rose would dig it, since he tends to be very critical and protective when it comes to any usage or interpretation of his music.

The video of 2Cellos furiously performing the song is nothing short of stunning; Sulic and Hauser play like hard rock fans, banging their heads and playing 'til their fingers bleed. To quote Axl, 'If you want it, you're gonna bleed.' Clearly, Sulic and Hauser want it and want it bad.

Overall, though, this rendition of 'Welcome to the Jungle' is a testament to the structure and staying power of the song. A good song will translate in any genre and will stand up when reworked in such a markedly different way.

Sulic and Hauser, who've also set Michael Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal' to cellos, make 'Welcome to the Jungle' feel like it was supposed to be played on cellos as much as it was meant to be played on guitars.

Watch 2Cellos Perform 'Welcome to the Jungle.'

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